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Gaining new perspectives

Often a breakthrough can occur when a new angle, point of view or perspective is acquired. In order to draw out latent potential in people, PS professionals in Canberra could qualify to work with any number of organisations or business as a type of experience share, hands on work or plain exposure. This would not only help provide insights for the receiving organisation or business, but help the public servant draw out his/her own ideas that was only possible through this new 'excursion' (term used in Synectics: creative problem solving approach). To make this work, the matching model may take a variety of forms from specific registries through to professional introduction agencies (ie RSVP for professionals) and cold be free labour to structured secondments between agencies/depts or business etc. a close concept was in operation between Creative PartnershipsAustralia and 'arts- creative' organisations. This could be expanded or kick started again if it has disappeared. Nat



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